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Do you know the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?

The OPTIMIST believes that this is the Best of All Possible Worlds

The PESSIMIST is afraid that is True!




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Born in the heart of the Cold War...dropped in a Citadel of Capitalism, yet reared on Pete Seeger & Folk music, and the Peace and Love of The Beatles. Married, Widowed, Adoptive Father, dreaming of a day where no child goes hungry.                                       What's So Funny about Peace Love and Understanding?



Let's Say

let's say

let's just say

that this isn't all

this isn't all there is

and after this

we go somewhere

somewhere different

but we go somewhere

let's say

let's say

that they can see us

and boy they're laughing



straight out guffawing

at just how foolish

we treat this treasure

just how foolish

we are so often









make fun of sacred

honor silly senseless

reward the glutton and excess avarice

ignore hunger

while the fortunate wealthy

are starving too

just on the inside

on the inside





But appearances matter

they are all that matter

because we all are hungry

desperate grasping

for a bit of pleasure

that next satisfaction

but still end up hungry

end up starving




junk food is empty

yet sates the craving

for that brief moment

until the empty

regains its toehold

and leaves us lurching

barely standing

afraid of the fall

into the valley






let's say

let's just say

we can be fed

and feel the fullness

of more than this

from that great somewhere

and this great somehow

when we feed each other

and feed off each other

when we all see

and we all say

let's say

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